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S&G is a new, as yet unpublished novel for those aged 11 and over and over.

Instead of having an exciting half-term week gaming with his mates, 14 year old Dan
is dragged to Eastbourne and dumped at a hotel, whilst his dad leads a gang of amateur
ghost hunters around local haunted houses in search of paranormal activity.

Dan has a scary midnight meeting with a mysterious girl, Shafilea (Shafi)
who is mute but communicates using notes. Dan encounters a terrified ghost dog,
that only he can see, but an evil spirit attacks Dan and stops him rescuing the dog.
Dan discovers that Shafi was recently forced by her cruel, Great Aunt Yasmin to have
an operation to cure her and force her to be a suitable bride for horrible cousin Javid,
to whom Shafi was pledged as a child.

Angus, a strange hotel guest, warns Dan that the ghoulish Teague, wants to kill him.
Calamity strikes when Shafi gives up her secret by accident. To save her, Dan must confront
and defeat the sinister and deadly spirit. Will Dan survive this catastrophic encounter with
the vindictive, foul Teague and rescue Shafi from a life of distress and despair.

Dan's Pages
My first thoughs of her - Strange Hotel Guest - Would you sleep - Spooky bit

Shafi's Pages
My first thoughts of him - Close encounters - Bullies

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