Dan's troubled first night in the hotel. A sign of things to come?

Breathe… can’t…breathe!
A black figure with an impossibly tall square-topped head is kneeling on my chest! White-gloved hands are reaching for my face. I whip my head from side to side. The gloves trap my face and press onto my nose and lips. A stench of cigarette smoke pushes into my throat. Can’t see! Can’t breathe. Can’t-.
I sit up in bed. Was that me who shouted?
I’m sweating. Heart’s pumping like mad.
There’s something in the room! It’s standing beside the chest of drawers. I stare harder through the dark. Phew, it’s only the open door to the wardrobe. I must have forgotten to shut it. I press the dial-light on my watch, 3.15. I slump back on the mattress, drag the covers to my chin.
A dream…just a horrible dream.

Julienne 2016