Dan has previously heard someone knocking the door to his room and giving an eerie whistle. When he looked, no one was there. Now returning to his room…

As I'm closing my bedroom door the hairs on my neck prickle. I spin round, but the room is empty. For no reason my heart's thumping like it knows something I don't and needs to escape my body.
The smell of cigarette smoke is so strong that I want to puke. I clamp my hand over my nose and remember my nightmare, the stretched head, the white strangling hands, the smell of cigarettes.
Over there! Something moved.
Through the open bathroom door I see the faded blue bath towel slowly slide through the chrome wall ring. I hold my breath. The towel flops to the floor with a wet, dead thump and stays still. I breathe out.
It's just coincidence, right?
I scan the rest of my room, to make sure that everything is normal. But it's not. God, it's not. There's something on the wall, just above my pillow. I step back but my heel thuds into the closed door behind me.
Slashed in wide letters are four words that ripple like blood soaked water.

Julienne 2016