Dan is alone in a secret room in the hotel, in the middle of the night. He's scared by what's happening and is trying to phone his dad … poor boy.

'Dad! I'm trapped in the -.'
Something hits my hand so hard that the phone slaps against my face before spinning from my fingers and bouncing over the wooden floor. The phone lies on its side throwing white light up the wall. I can hear Dad's distant voice calling my name over and over. I roll onto my knees but before I can scramble forward the phone spins away from me and disappears under the rows of seats. The faint white glow from the display shines against the back of the seat but lasts only a few seconds then goes out. I kneel perfectly still, heart thumping, hardly daring to breathe in case it attacks me again.
Something taps my leg.
I shine the torch. A dark spot is spreading through the stretched material of my jeans. Blood!

Julienne 2016