'Hey, Shafi? Wanna lift? What do you say? Oh I forgot, you can't say anything.' Their laughter makes me want to take a flying kick at the shiny door panel. Shafi stops walking. As I reach her, the car brakes. Like a sugar lump disappearing into thick coffee, his crooked smile sinks back into his face as he looks at me.
'If ya don't wanna get hurt kid, move on, innit.'
My brain feeds a carefully prepared statement into my speech computer. 'Get lost, loser.' It's not my best, but it'll do.
The driver leans forward to get a look at me. This idiot's wearing dark glasses as well. His face is so toad-like that no amount of princess-kissing would make him look better.
I'm about to tell him that I didn't know frogs could drive when Shafi pushes her fist at the window. Her forefinger is a stiff spike. Both jokers give a loud ooooh as though they're scared. Then explode into more stupid laughter.
The passenger-fool leans out of the window and mouths very slowly, 'See… you...at…the…hotel, …babe.' Then he looks at me and pretends his hand is a gun. He shoots, giving the recoil action as well.
'That's really clever,' I tell him, hoping that he doesn't get out of the car and smash my head in.


Dan is walking on the pavement behind Shafilea when a silver BMW slows down and keeps pace with her. The passenger hangs his arm out of the open window to get Shafi's attention.
© Julienne 2016